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Seasoned Attorneys Assisting Clients Seeking Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protections

Last updated on January 25, 2023

Our attorneys at Ford, McDonald & Borden, P.A., are recognized as leaders in the field of bankruptcy, and we deliver to clients our focus on excellence and integrity. When clients choose to work with us, we make use of our nine decades of combined experience in bankruptcy law, equipping us to handle nearly any matter. In Chapter 11 bankruptcy we assist clients whose businesses are struggling financially in turn arounds; or creditors dealing with a borrower or customer which has sought refuge in the bankruptcy court.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Provides A Path Back To Stability

Our firm has been helping clients with Chapter 11 problems for over 30 years. Chapter 11 bankruptcy is designed to allow struggling, but viable,  businesses create a reorganization plan by which the debtor may repay their debts and also continue operating. The process is intended to permit a viable business to survive, to maintain the jobs and economic health of the community and also to maximize the ultimate recovery by creditors.

Whether representing the debtor or one of the other constituents in the process, our attorneys are familiar with all sides of the negotiations that take place in a Chapter 11, the proper goals of each, and the ways in which the Bankruptcy Code balances those competing interests. Our attorneys can use that knowledge and experience to help attain an outcome that maximizes the client’s recovery within the constraints of the possible and fair.

When representing a viable debtor business our attorneys will negotiate with creditors, propose a plan, if one can be had, and when successful, obtain court approval of the plan. The ideal outcome for our clients is to emerge from this process with a stable financial status and without an unsustainable burden of debt.

Subchapter 5 Bankruptcy: A New Solution To Debt Settlement

In 2020, Congress added Subchapter 5 to the bankruptcy code to provide a faster, less expensive alternative to the traditional Chapter 11. This process allows debtors to propose repayment plans to their creditors. To qualify for this process, your company must meet specific criteria regarding the type and amount of the debt it has. Our office can assist our clients with determining if they qualify for this process and then represent them throughout the bankruptcy process.

Chapter 12 Bankruptcy Protections For New Hampshirites

Chapter 12 bankruptcy is for individuals and companies involved in agriculture and fishing. Chapter 12 is tailored to their needs and offers a faster, less complicated and less expensive alternative to Chapter 11. Our office can help you in determine if you might qualify if you are involved in either of these industries, and we can represent you throughout the process.

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