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At Ford, McDonald & Borden, P.A., our attorneys have been assisting clients with bankruptcy matters for over thirty years in New Hampshire. In that time we have developed a reputation for excellence and honesty. 

All Parties To Bankruptcy Need A Good Lawyer

Bankruptcy proceedings can be complex. Whether you are owed money (a creditor), you owe money (a debtor), you’re bringing a lawsuit (a plaintiff) or one has been brought against you (a defendant), you need a lawyer who can untangle the knot in your favor and get you what is fair. That is the mission at Ford, McDonald & Borden, P.A. Our experience allows us to be effective for our clients, even in complex situations..

Our clients are businesses, financial institutions, bankruptcy trustees, as well as individuals — both creditor and debtor side, including:

  • Banks and other secured creditors
  • Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 trustees
  • Chapter 11 debtors and debtors-in-possession
  • Individuals in Chapter 7, 12 and 13 bankruptcy
  • Employees
  • Unsecured creditors
  • Vendors
  • Landlords
  • Municipalities
  • Business owners

Secured Creditors – Including Foreclosure And Collections

We represent creditors including sophisticated commercial secured creditors in recovery of loans.  The firm’s work for creditors includes:

  • Workout and forbearance agreements
  • Lender liability defense
  • Secured party and foreclosure sales
  • Stay relief litigation
  • Cash collateral disputes
  • Debtor-in-possession financing
  • Plan confirmation disputes

Bankruptcy Trustees

With extensive experience representing Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 trustees, we handle all kinds of adversary proceedings, including:

  • Chapter 5 recovery actions including preference claims and fraudulent transfer claims
  • Objections to claims
  • State law recovery actions such as accounts receivable collection, fair debt collection practices act claims, or securities claims (where appropriate)
  • Retention issues
  • All kinds of asset recovery
  • Investigating and objecting to debtor’s discharge (where appropriate)
  • Dischargeability litigation (Section 523)

Chapter 11 Debtors And Debtors-In-Possession

We represent debtors seeking relief under Chapter 11. A debtor-in-possession is a debtor who maintains possession and control of assets while undergoing a reorganization under Chapter 11. During this time, without the appointment of a case trustee, the debtor generally runs the business until one of four things happen: the debtor’s plan of reorganization is confirmed, the case is dismissed, it is converted to Chapter 7, or a Chapter 11 trustee is appointed. 

Employees, Landlords And Unsecured Creditors

We also represent employees, landlords and other creditors to help protect their rights through bankruptcy. We provide assistance with issues relating to:

  • Wage claims both pre and post-bankruptcy
  • Leases and executory contracts
  • Automatic stay and stay relief
  • Dischargeability of debts
  • Right to collect debts from running a debtor’s business

Business Owners

If you are the owner of a business subject to proceedings under Title 11, we can help with issues relating to your possible personal liability such as:

  • Withholding taxes
  • Employee wage claims
  • Negotiations with the IRS
  • Liability on guarantees
  • Pass through nature of certain income
  • Corporate litigation 
  • Fiduciary duties of debtors-in-possession

We also defend actions against owners and others under Chapter 5 of Title 11.

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